Safety and quality

Ozwide Group has achieved Certification to the Australian and New Zealand standard for safety management system AS/NZS 4801 demonstrating management commitment to safe work practices and the appropriate business infrastructure bringing certainty and consistency in safety performance. With recognition of the sometimes-hazardous sectors and industries we work in, Ozwide Group maintains sector leading performance in Occupational Health and Safety, backed up with ISO accredited policy and procedure, to ensure that our team works in a safe and comfortable environment.

Ozwide Group has also achieved certification to the AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard which exemplifies our commitment to continuous improvement and excellence.

We value and promote diversity within our organisation and are committed to being an employer of choice within the communities we operate in. In striving for best practice, Ozwide aims to:

  • Continually improve occupational health, safety and rehabilitation for all employees, whilst mitigating or eliminating health and safety risks with best practice training and resourcing.

  • Utilise measurable objectives and targets to ensure continued improvement aimed at eliminating work related injury and illness.

  • Provide sector leading training, information and instruction on the hazards associated with their work and safe techniques for performing the job. These processes are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the changing environments and tasks our employees complete.

  • Provide safe plant, equipment and systems of work and the processes utilized to do so are ISO accredited.

  • Continually evaluate the already existing strong internal protocols to ensure compliance with legislative requirements and industry standards.

Maintaining a collaborative and positive workplace allows our projects to be delivered safely and to the highest standard, without compromise.

Ozwide recognizes we often undertake work in potentially hazardous environments, however no job or task is worth risking an injury or life for. Our considered approach to risk management and hazard identification have been designed to ensure that all our staff and clients can safely return home to our families at the end of each day without harm.

Our end-to-end approach

During the past 10 years we’ve refined our approach to project management and delivering successful energy solutions for our clients.

One of our primary advantages which we’ve seen translated directly to our client satisfaction and project success, is our investment of additional time up-front to completely understand your project and business needs, before we recommend any solutions or delivery approaches. We complete our end to end approach with ongoing measurement of the performance of all our projects and solutions which enables us to continually identify opportunities to maximise our performance and your results.

Find out more about each phase of our project delivery

Upfront consultation, requirements gathering and project planning

  • We seek a deep understanding of what our clients want and we engage with them to verify that the planned approaches will produce the required results for clients and stakeholders.
  • We utilise our skilled business analysts and technical experts to build a complete view of the unique requirements, and reference these through our design and delivery processes to ensure we’re delivering the right solution to meet your needs.

Implementation and delivery

  • The diverse geographic locations of projects we’ve completed throughout Australia has driven the development and implementation of comprehensive workflow and project management systems, ensuring consistent outcomes are achieved despite the challenges of distance, volume or technical difficulty.
  • We have a structured PMO and project methods that govern delivery of all our projects from start to finish, with key management reviews at all major project checkpoints.
  • We are professional, agile and responsive – we communicate clearly and there is direct line of sight from management to operators in the field.
  • We utilise mobile/tablet based, ‘real time’ field mobility and reporting technology (DeployTrack), which provides unparalleled transparency for Ozwide management and our clients. This dynamic connection to our resources in the field also provides industry leading safety and quality management capabilities, regardless of the location.

Measurement and verification

  • Ozwide utilises a data driven, factual approach to decision making.
  • Partnering with Ozwide means that our ability to implement real-time monitoring and measurement of all projects and internal business processes (field mobility technology) gives your business the benefits of our quality assured processes and unique insights.
  • We’ll regularly share key performance metrics with you for complete transparency, and jointly agree on performance improvements to achieve even greater results.

Management reviews and continuous improvement

  • We are motivated by establishing a benchmark for our next generation energy solutions and field service excellence, and our management team regularly meets to review the performance of all our programs and solutions.
  • Continuous improvement is key to retaining our position as a market leader – we are constantly evaluating how we can improve our internal processes and capability to delivery even better client outcomes and build a strong foundation for the next generation of tomorrow’s energy solutions.
  • We’re ISO accredited for safety and quality, meaning you can have confidence in all aspects of our business as we service yours, and we regularly undertake third party reviews of our internal processes and controls to maintain our high standard of service.

Who we work with

At Ozwide Group, we believe in continuous improvement – and we’re always striving to do things more efficiently and to extract greater benefits for our loyal clients.

We’re are proud to have worked with the following organisations who have experienced and value the Ozwide Advantage.

The quality of our clients is testament to our ongoing commitment to quality in all that we do. Speak with us about how we can find the best energy solutions for your business.