Energy efficiency programs

Ozwide Group provides energy retailers, asset owners and building managers with turnkey energy efficiency programs that deliver outstanding sustainability results, cost savings and revenue opportunities.

As the first electrical contracting business to become an Accredited Person for Commercial Lighting Upgrades in the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Program, we’ve been helping businesses reduce their environmental footprint by participating in both the VEET Program (Victoria) and the Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) (NSW) since their inception.

By partnering with Ozwide Group for Energy Efficiency Programs you will receive:

Integration ready

The ability to integrate our proven and ‘ready to launch’ Energy Efficiency Program capability directly into the day to day operations of your organisation.

Sector leading product and service

Access to our sector leading and exclusive partnerships with the most recognised and respected suppliers of quality energy efficiency products.

Outstanding R.O.I

An accelerated return on investment delivered through reduced energy usage, decreased asset downtime and lower ongoing maintenance costs

Proactive energy management

The ability to analyse energy usage patterns and manage user behaviours to drive energy efficiency and reliability initiatives

Modern look and feel

A modern and professional look & feel when clients or customers visit your buildings, and a safer workplace environment for your employees

Reduced environmental footprint

An ability to report to shareholders and clients on sizable reductions in your environmental footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

Full project accountability

Administrative and compliance expertise. Unlike many others offering energy efficiency upgrades, Ozwide has full project lifecycle accountability-from meeting with your business through to designing an effective solution and ultimately creating and registering the energy efficiency savings and the provision of strong and dependable product warranties.

Our Ozwide Group energy solutions experts have specialised knowledge and experience in energy efficiency rebate programs. We work with you and your business to maximise the potential benefits, whilst navigating complex regulatory environments and ensuring full compliance with governing scheme requirements.

Commercial lighting upgrades

Commercial and Industrial Lighting is in the early stages of a transformational ‘once in a generation’ shift as LED lighting technology has passed the tipping point of cost, reliability and performance as compared with more traditional lighting equipment.

Ozwide Group is able to provide your business with potential energy savings of up to 80% of existing lighting costs through the installation of highly efficient LED lighting. We are:


Experienced in completing large-scale lighting installations in complex operating conditions. Many of our clients operate 24/7 and Ozwide Group regularly delivers projects within these complex scheduling situations, ensuring downtime is minimised and business operations continue as normal.


Able to provide a dramatically reduced capital expenditure which in many cases, results in a greatly reduced or completely free supply and installation of LED lighting due to the financial rebates available (typically between 70%-100% price reduction) depending on the unique circumstance of your business.

Comfortable in complex deployment situations

Familiar with a broad range of lighting deployment situations-our broad client base is drawn from a range of industries including transport, healthcare (including large hospitals), industrial warehousing and factories, hospitality and asset portfolio management. This means we’ll have the answer for your situation, no matter what sector or how complex.

Skilled and efficient

Highly skilled-we only engage with experienced ‘A’ grade electricians who pride themselves on getting the job ‘done once, done right.’

VEET and ESS accredited

The first electrical contracting business to be accredited to complete Commercial Lighting upgrades as part of the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Program, and one of the largest participants in the NSW Energy Saving Scheme (ESS).

Combined with the availability of government energy efficiency incentives available for businesses in many Australian states and territories, there has never been a better time to speak with Ozwide about updating your inefficient lamps to the latest high efficiency LED lighting.

We’re trusted to get the job ‘done once, done right’ by a an extensive range of clients from a broad range of industries. 

Specialist electrical contractors

Ozwide has proven systems to execute successfully within large scale, complex and challenging projects. We have an extensive track record of successful joint ventures and our model is designed identify achieve and support success in these projects.

With a heritage of rolling out large-scale metering and remediation works, including 250 000 smart meters within Victoria alone, we will work with your business to deliver outstanding value creation in the following areas:

Field mobility

  • Provision of best practice field mobility technology, meaning saved time and money during deployment.

AMI workforce deployment

  • We are experts in field service workforce deployment in both greenfield and brownfield AMI scenarios-from initial installation through to partnering with regulatory bodies to remediate widespread faults or compliance issues.

Asset inspection

  • We are experienced asset inspection specialists in the ‘high compliance’ and consumer and business facing areas.

Workforce data

  • Field workforce data collection and analytics-utilising reporting and data analytics to derive greater field worker safety and efficiency.

Warranty and fault response

  • Ozwide provides efficient rectification of reported issues to ensure high reliability is maintained.

We’ve become a trusted long term partner of a diverse range of organisations in both the public and private sectors-our relationships with our clients are testament to the fact that we’re interested in long term value creation, not short term gain. Our highly skilled workforce, combined with strong management and consultancy capabilities, makes Ozwide Group the perfect choice for your field and utility service deployment needs.

You need a utility and field service partner both unafraid of the challenges and aware of the opportunities that change brings. You need a quality assured energy solutions provider who has the right systems in place to ensure your business is ready for tomorrow, today. Ozwide Group is the answer.

Solar PV Design and Installation

Ozwide Group offers a range of services to support the design and deployment of both small and large scale solar PV systems across commercial and domestic sectors.  Through partnerships with Australia’s largest manufacturers and distributors, we only sell quality Tier 1 systems providing our clients with guaranteed confidence in their generation investment.  Our services include:

PV System design

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Installation and commissioning

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System management and remote monitoring

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Finance solutions

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Battery storage solutions

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We truly are the end-to-end solution for AMI and connected infrastructure. Our mobility platform offers straightforward integration to carrier and meter head-end platforms to ensure every device is communicating correctly before the installation is completed, saving you time and money. Combined with unique ability to derive greater value from your AMI and connected assets through superior management and consultation, Ozwide Group is the perfect choice for your AMI, IoT and M2M requirements.

Have you considered how solar generation can help take control of your rising power costs change and protect against future electricity price hikes? Talk to us today about our end-to-end solar PV solutions for both commercial and domestic applications.